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Nibroyal Integrated Services Limited is strategically positioned in its areas of expertise to deliver value added services in freight management, Internal Business Process and People Management. Over the past 5 years, the Company has been providing logistics support to the Players in the telecoms sector, oil & gas industry and construction; and helping business organisations to shoulder the burden of entrenching result oriented  internal business process, procedures and  structure. This we do to enable our Clients concentrate more on their core business functions without having to contend with issues bothering on internal business process dynamics.


At Nibroyal Integrated Services Limited, we have a very deep understanding of the enormous challenges faced by business organisations in getting their market share, gaining competitive edge and ingraining sustainable internal process and structure that will guarantee their going concern in a business environment that is ever characterised by forces of change and competition. Getting substantial market share in a highly competitive business environment has proven to be a real headache for business organisations.


We do not just design structure and processes that support Corporate Strategy, we stand by  our  Clients to render professional  support  during  Program Implementation Process (PIP); we partner with them as we respond to their business process challenges, performance management dilemma and general organisational development (OD) requirements 

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Nibroyal Integrated Services

One of our core values is to continually stand by our clients;

deliver on our promises and improve on our services.


Recruitment, Selection & Placement | HR outsourcing

Employee's Assessment | Compensation Mgmt

training | Statutory Compliance

Performance Management | system Audit | Ent. Softwares

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Structure Design & Redesign


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  • Recruitment, Selection & Placement

  • Performance Management

  • Employee’s Assessment

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Training

  • Structure Design & Redesign

  • ware housing

  • sea frieght

  • inland transportation

  • air frieght

  • End - to - End

  • Custom Clearance

Recruitment, Selection & Placement

With the right people, there is no limit to how much an organisation can achieve. The Success of a business organisation is totally dependent on the quality and competence of its workforce. Getting and retaining the right people with the right Knowledge, skills and Attitude (KSA) however, could constitutes a major challenge to any company.

At Nibroyal, we provide our Clients with multi-skilled and knowledge workforce that have the capacity to add noticeable values to their organisations. We rely on the competence and connection of our staff and Seasoned Consultants who have worked in different industries and sectors of the economy to poach qualified people for our Clients where necessary; headhunt if the situation so require or follow the traditional recruitment process . Some of the solutions through which we drive the values listed above include: Executive Search (Management & Senior Level Recruitment), Experienced Hire, Graduate Trainee Recruitment Programme, etc.

Performance Management

An ideal Employee / employer relationship should be a win – win relationship that is characterised by the principles of give and take. But the reverse is the case in many organisations as employers see to regular salary payment of their employees without corresponding and measurable contribution to the bottom-line on the part of the employees, thereby creating a form of imbalance.

At Nibroyal, we partner with our clients to maximise return on human capital investment by introducing performance management practice where measurable Key Performance Areas (KPAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are set for the Company as well as the workforce.

Employee’s Assessment

At Sagepoint Business Services, our assessment solutions are aimed at ensuring that our clients get returns on human capital investment by partnering with them in order to avoid selection error from entry level recruitment and selection to the engagement of experienced personnel.

Our Clients stand to benefit immensely from our Employee’s Assessment services in the following ways:

➢ Get rid of mediocrity in the company

➢ Engage the right candidate with the right KSAs across all levels

➢ Identify training needs and provide remedial measures

➢ Plan for the future need of an organisation based on current performance of the workforce

➢ Identify successors for key roles and Develop them (Succession Management)

➢ Identify the value system of a company for the purpose of culture management .

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

We work closely with our clients to identify their business functions that are not central to their operations and take-off the burden from them. This allows for flexibility as they are able to focus on their core competencies and functions without being burdened by the demands of bureaucratic restraints. Our Clients have been benefiting from our BPO services in the following ways:

➢ More time to focus on Core Activities

➢ Saving more cost from outsourcing

➢ Reduced Overhead cost

➢ Having more operational control

➢ Better level of service provided to clients

➢ Reduced Staff overhead cost

➢ Continuity & better Risk Management


Business environment both at local and global level is characterised by forces of change and competition. Business organisations that will remain afloat and gain sustainable competitive edge in the ocean of competition must keep their workforce abreast of international best practices through training in skills and knowledge acquisition. To be relevant in the face of the fierce battle for market share therefore calls for planned effort towards human capital development.

At Nibroyal, we recognise the role of information in organisational survival. Information is power. We provide the information through training, by working in collaboration with our clients to identify Staff performance gap otherwise known as Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and remedial training programs are implemented to place them ahead of their competitors. New industry-specific skills, new general skills, new regulations for different professions and government legislations that require compliance are identified and communicated to our clients in order to keep them informed through training.

Structure Design & Redesign

It is structure that runs business organisations. Structure provides the foundation on which standard operating procedures and routines rest. Where there is no structure, the going concern of an organisation becomes threatened.


We study the system of operations of our Clients; help them establish result oriented structure, processes and procedures. At Sagepoint Business Services, we do not just design the structure and processes that support Corporate Strategy, we stand by our Clients to render professional support during Program Implementation Process (PIP). We partner with them as we respond to their business process challenges, performance management dilemma and general organisational development (OD) requirements.


The best talent that are available in the labour market are looking for well structured organisations. We design the structure, policy and system not just for the company efficiency but to also attract and retain ‘High-fliers’. The success or otherwise of any organisation is largely dependent of the quality of its manpower


From small start-up companies just breaking into the market, to large companies, Nibroyal warehousing and distribution services are designed to add value to your business. At Nibroyal Integrated Services, we understand the movement of goods across suppliers, vendors, and customers. It's about getting things where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there, and doing it as time and cost efficiently as possible.

Sea Freight

We configure the most cost effective solution for you. Your shipment can be fully managed by our team, beginning with IMDG compliant crating and packing services, booking of the equipment (20GP, 40GP) with the applicable shipping line, cargo stuffing, collection and transportation to loading point, lash and load and finally transport to the terminal for export. In parallel, our one-stop documentation facilitates seamless export.

Inland Transportation

Our local knowledge and expertise in handling telecoms and Oil & Gas local transportation over the years give us the confidence to deliver results when we are called upon. We deploy various types of trucks, ranging from flat beds to low beds for different inland transportation operations and projects.

We offer bespoke domestic transportation services at competitive rates. Inbound or outbound, your cargo can be moved efficiently and timeously within delivered to your destination.

Air Freight

We determine the most efficient and effective routing of your shipment, providing IATA compliant crating and packaging services for different weights and dimension of cargo. In parallel, our one-stop documentation facilitates seamless export.

Leveraging on international networks and favourable partnerships, Nibroyal will deliver your products anywhere in the world on-time and with utmost care..

End - to - End

Our international partnership gives us the comfort to pick from any location around the world and deliver to your door-step.

This service ensures that packages - small & big -are delivered from suppliers' door to consignees' door, across nations and continents. These services are perfect for large consignments (just in time & multi-parcel goods) and we are able to provide this service at very competitive prices.

Custom Clearance

We leverage on our custom clearance experience to deliver promptly to our Clients. Temporary Importation and Free Trade Zone Operations are part of our logistics solutions we offer.

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